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Virtual Workshops


COVID 19 has definitely put a spanner in the works for schools workshops!

BUT you don't have to miss out on the fun! I’ve got a great set up to be able to provide VIRTUAL WORKSHOPS!


That’s right! Why not book a virtual workshop with me.

I’m very versatile and familiar with most platforms

and I can easily adapt to whatever’s easiest for your school.


To ask about my Virtual Workshops Click Here!

Book Week, Literacy Festivals,

Art Festivals, Library visits and Incursions are all fantastic times you can book me to visit your school or event!

I'm energetic, fun and love getting your kids engaged!

We draw, we paint, we learn what it is to be an illustrator and how to craft and tell stories visually.

My favourite thing is to show the kids who think they can’t draw is that  yes they can, everyone can!"

Contact me for 2022 Prices!

- Minimum call out. 2 sessions.

- Maximum of four sessions per day.

- Additional travel and accommodation costs may also be quoted.

- Feel free to contact me for custom enquires, on a budget & NFP.


              To book me or to just have a chat either:

Book Direct!

or book me through

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Sunshine Kids Book Illustrator Vising Schools
Sunshine Kids Book Illustrator Vising Schools
Sunshine Kids Book Illustrator Vising Schools
Sunshine Kids Book Illustrator Vising Schools

A few examples of my workshops

Please note all workshops are tailored specifically to cater for the diverse and individual needs of your students, so each session is unique. 


General Illustration Workshops    

Within my illustration workshops, students gain  an

in-depth view of what it means to be an illustrator, how to become an illustrator and what an illustrator does.   

Character Illustration Workshops 

How do we start to create a Character?

Kids get taken through my process of creating a character using three simple steps.

Visual Storytelling  

Within my visual story telling workshops, older students learn how to break down the entire illustration process

by means of in-depth discussion and activities.      


‘Bannockburn Primary School students are still excited – and drawing – following a fantastic week of workshops conducted by Sunshine Herbert. We had a terrific week learning how illustrators work. Sunshine shared her inspiration, technique and passion.

Our children were taken through a structured session focussing on sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings through drawing. We had very excited children drawing wonderful ‘monsters’.

- Rob Nelson,
Principal Bannockburn Primary School’

'Hi Sunshine! You went to my daughter’s school today, she’s in Grade 2 (apparently she illustrated a rainbow coloured monster called Bob!?!) 
Just wanted to share with you.. 
As of today – & maybe just for today, or the next week, month – who cares?! – she wants to be an Illustrator!!' 


- Sandra  - Parent,
Amsleigh Park Primary School’

'Sunshine! Thankyou for teaching me how to draw unicorns. I want to be an artist when I grow up :)
- Riley - Student

Thankyou for such a wonderful experience. My students loved spending time with you and everybody now wants to be illustrators.

I love how much creativity and energy you bring token the simplest work, thanks again!

 - Erica - Teacher, Gormandale Primary School

Looking for Something a little different?

Visiting schools is fun and exciting for everyone involved!

But once it's done it's done, and where do the students go from there?

Well if you want to continue the adventure, check out my

Youtube channel!

Resources for students and teachers alike you can all join me with weekly videos of tips tricks and paint alongs.

Fun, adventure, excitement and educational for kids big and old.

 Sunshine xx