Hello, my name is Sunshine.

Welcome to my website!

I’m an illustrator, artist, speaker and day dreamer based here in Melbourne, Australia.

I'm like a painting ninja AND I'm lucky enough to live and breath exciting stories everyday :) .

I guess that’s why I love creating children’s books!

I would describe my work as whimsical and surprising, I put a lot of emotion and try to build personalities into my work. My characters love to live their own little lives!

I have an ever growing collection of Children's Book titles under my belt, my commissions are slowly taking over the world, my miniature illustration army (aka school children from my workshops) are sharpening their pencils, and yet I still have time to fit some of my own work in.

I love to paint! 

I love inspiring others to paint! (seriously everyone can paint!)

AND I've started a Youtube Channel

Let's do some painting together!

Please feel free to contact me by donkey, snail or goat.
But usually people just email or call, 

(so maybe try that first...)

Represented by: UK Allied Artists